Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yet another committee to study Complete Streets

From the 7 February LB City Agenda: Recommendation: Reorganize the Environmental Committee as the Environmental Sustainability Committee; assign the committee the tasks of developing a Sustainability Element to the General Plan and recommending Complete Street Projects; and 3) set a date of February 28, 2012, as the deadline for submitting applications to the City Clerk, and a date of March 6, 2012, for the interview and appointment of seven members to the committee. (Egly/Rollinger)

Translation: the city will appoint another committee of unpaid volunteers to study Complete Streets compliance to make recommendations in a new Sustainability Element to update the city General Plan. This way the committee meetings (held to formal rules of order) can filibuster progress forever.

Here's what to remember, this strategy effectively sidesteps the Transportation Element where CS Policy applies.  This study should be done by city staff, they are the 'experts' that's what they are paid for. What happened to the "low hanging fruit"? Why not build a pedestrian bench at Ralphs market next week?  Read the 7 Feb Agenda.  

Correction: This agenda bill as written is incorrect, it should say the Complete Streets topic will be addressed at a monthly meeting of more volunteers but independent of the ESC. The venue is an inconsequential Potluck luncheon held at the Senior Center, all residents capable of wishful thinking are invited to attend!

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