Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Let Laguna VOTE! holds Kick-Off

FLASH: 30 July 2013  Concerned Laguna Beach residents met to organize, form strategy, and dispatch a resident action committee to oppose the City's plans for building a parking garage without a vote from residents.


State agencies and consultants hold reservations about the garage:
  • California Department of Transportation:  "The Department prefers more remote parking..."
  • Laguna Beach City response to EIR:  "An alternative project site would be financially unfeasible"
  • $80,000 traffic consultant Workshop I:  "A multi-modal transport plan is preferred to building parking garages"
  • MACTEC Engineering:  "Groundwater was encountered at depths from 13 to 23 feet below grade"  (expected at 30 MSL)
  • Fact Check:  Construction will displace 380 existing parking spaces for 5 years  
Read more facts at             "Let Laguna VOTE!"

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  1. Looks like most of our City Council officials were wearing blinders when they voted for this approach. Many thanks to our concerned residents who have formed an action committee. We HAVE to do better, and we can.