Thursday, February 11, 2016

Temple Hills Drive Sidewalk at DRB Tonight

Temple Hills Drive Sidewalk at Dunning Drive

Link to Environmental Study and Location

Link to Detailed Drawings
  • Elevated Curb with Gutter
  • Cyclists forced into motorist lane
  • Cyclists told "use Park Ave"
  • No transit provisions
  • Fedex, UPS, US Post not considered
  • Complete Street Policy ignored
See Alternatives A-D proposed by community here.  
Listen to an engineer describe the project here:

UPDATE1: This design proposal was withdrawn for revaluation  to assess traffic calming measures and for traffic count data collection. 

UPDATE2:  May 2 2017 Design approval is a boilerplate sidewalk from San Fernado Valley, see the city plans here.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Moulton Meadows Trail Vote Tonight UPDATED

Trail Head Latest Revision, drawings by Stantec
Trail Construction Notes
UPDATE: Drawings Revised. Click to enlarge. In 2010 Laguna residents requested a simple 5-foot wide walking trail on a public easement, the resident requested trail requirements are here.

The new Moulton Meadows Trail, TOW Pathway, renamed Smith Trail is 10-feet wide on a 30 degree slope costing $900 per foot (elevated foot-bridge extra). See Agenda Item #15 for February 9 2016,  Council members will vote for approval of public rights-of-way and acquisition of public easements to allow construction to proceed. UPDATE: Council approved additional $30,000 to mitigate parking and traffic due to the trail. Plan approved 5:0.    -LS

Latest Elevation Drawings by Stantec, Irvine