Sunday, June 16, 2019

The LB Traffic BOMB

Laguna's parking demand and traffic congestion grows exponentially, so what does exponential growth look like?  Let's use rice on a chessboard to model exponential growth.

The time elapsed for Laguna's car population to double is called the doubling period. Imagine each grain of rice on the chessboard is a car and each square represents the doubling period in years. Each square represents a doubling period in the sequence 1,2,4,8,16,32 and so on. For a growth rate at 6-percent the doubling period is 12 years. If the first horse and buggy arrived in Laguna Beach in 1900 and cars followed, the car population doubled in 1912, 1924, 1936 and so on.  Watch what happens to the population of cars.

Exponential growth means the number of cars using our streets will double and so do the spaces needed to park them, the condition when all the public space for cars is occupied is called saturation.  Urban consultants have told us the demand for parking grows at 4.5-percent per year while Caltrans tells us in 2015 peak volume growth was 13.5%.*

It should be clear Laguna Beach cannot build enough roads or parking to accommodate the exponential growth of cars nor faster than Japan can build them. Lagunatics need to use alternatives to the car and the city of Laguna Beach should provide the infrastructure.

*Caltrans SR-133 Peak traffic growth factors from base year 2015 are 2023: 13.5% and 2043: 6.25%  


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Peter Blake of Amsterdam: Remove 10,000 Parking Spaces

"When you take a boat trip in Amsterdam canals the first thing you see are the fronts of cars. " - Zeeger Ernsting Member of City Council Amsterdam.  Councilman Ernsting promised Amsterdam if elected he would remove 10,000 parking spaces downtown. He Won.  The Peter Blake of Amsterdam is removing parking spaces. To see why watch the video. (Credit Streetfilms)


Thursday, May 23, 2019

Housing Transportation and Budget Gov. Newsom

Highlights from Governor Newsom's budget presentation made today:
  • $2 Billion for homeless and housing initiatives
  • Creation of housing targets for all California regions 
  • Withdraw transportation revenue from regions not building enough
  • Proponents say tie transportation funds to housing goals
  • Coupling transportation and housing gives local governments incentive
  • Middle class squeezed by housing costs
  • Unaffordable housing demands increasing density multi-use buildings
  • Democratic super majority will determine budget spending

For more summary or full interview see KPCC AirTalk interview here.  


Monday, May 6, 2019

May is Bike Month in Laguna

OCTA Bike to Work Month

It's the start of visitor season in Laguna Beach. With parking lots 10 and 11 under construction* now would be a good time to consider biking instead of driving. Pledge bike-to-work one day in May and you can win a bike from OCTA. To celebrate Bike Month OCTA is hosting a Bike Rally in Orange. Friday May 17 is National Bike to Work Day, here are tips to plan your bike commute.

Here is the Bike Rally RSVP.

Here is some Bike Safety Awareness.

Here is more information about the OCTA bike-on-bus, track your bike-miles with STRAVA.

*P-Lot 11 opens May 6, ready for oil stains.


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Laguna Canyon Road SR-133 Realignment for Approval Tonight

The Laguna Canyon Road segment favored for Canyon Acres to El Toro Road.

Click for city Agenda, Item #12

Features of this design
  • Four new traffic lights
  • Underground utility power
  • On-road Class II Class IV bike lanes
  • Reversible HOV Lane for cars
  • Lane width reduction
  • Total Cost Estimated: $122 Million

Missing from disclosure
  • Compliance with Caltrans roadway safety Directive-64
  • Measure for traffic speed reduction
  • Driving criteria for traffic model success (roadway user counts)
  • Specification for Complete Streets Policy 
  • Transit and rail

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Urban Renewal Paris and Laguna

Major urban developments are anticipated for Laguna Beach, the planners could really mess this up or they could develop liveable streets.

Frontage road along Seine river, Paris France

Cleo Street development: hidden from view 3-level parking for 223 cars, and red Martians.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Parking Minimum Requirements Removed

These US cities have modified their minimum parking requirements, Mo-Town should do the same.

Credit: Strong Towns
  • Green pins = parking minimums ended
  • Blue pins = parking minimums lowered or removed
  • Orange pins = currently discussing their parking minimum laws
Some cities pay people (35 cents/mile) to lure them out of their cars, no parking required.


Friday, February 15, 2019

A Laguna Creek Opportunity

In October 2011 the resort city of Cinque Terre Italy flooded, the city rebuilt placing flood control measures underground with pedestrian access on top.

December 23 2010 Laguna Beach flooded, Laguna Creek was cleared.

February 14 2019 the Laguna Creek culvert collapsed into itself. What will replace it?

Photo of 1.5-mile ADA approved ped and bike path atop flood control, San Antonio TX. 
Credit: HDR Design Group