Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Laguna Canyon Road SR-133 Realignment for Approval Tonight

The Laguna Canyon Road segment favored for Canyon Acres to El Toro Road.

Click for city Agenda, Item #12

Features of this design
  • Four new traffic lights
  • Underground utility power
  • On-road Class II Class IV bike lanes
  • Reversible HOV Lane for cars
  • Lane width reduction
  • Total Cost Estimated: $122 Million

Missing from disclosure
  • Compliance with Caltrans roadway safety Directive-64
  • Measure for traffic speed reduction
  • Driving criteria for traffic model success (roadway user counts)
  • Specification for Complete Streets Policy 
  • Transit and rail


  1. Wasn't there another blog, much longer with the background to this?

  2. Yes, there are lots of posts about Laguna Canyon Road, try these: https://lagunastreets.blogspot.com/search?q=laguna+canyon+road