Thursday, July 21, 2011

Los Angeles takes steps to support Complete Streets, cyclists rights

1. LA City Council unanimously approved a first-in-nation ordinance enabling cyclists to seek damages from drivers who harass or threaten them. Councilmember Bill Rosendahl, sponsor of the ordinance, has launched an online campaign to encourage bicyclists in Los Angeles and beyond to share their stories of threats and harassment.   

2. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa issued a rare directive calling on city officials to implement the updated bike plan approved by the city council earlier this spring. Villaraigosa ordered the implementation of bike facilities and bike-friendly features in all public facilities, public works construction and other projects; bike infrastructure requirements and construction standards in zoning and building codes; bikeway design, installation and maintenance standards; and bike-related education in outreach campaigns.

3. Mayor Villaraigosa is backing Senate Bill 910, the 3-foot passing bill cosponsored by California Bike Coalition and the City of Los Angeles. Read the complete interview here.
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