Saturday, February 15, 2014

Anybody see the BIKEPATH?

Bikepath on Old Laguna Canyon Road (small grey line)
The city of Laguna Beach is seriously considering 7 design proposals to widen the current Laguna Canyon Road into a 4-lane highway. Guess what will happen to downtown traffic in the summer? Where shall we put the extra cars? How about an off-ramp directly into the Pacific Ocean at Main Beach?

Here's a better idea, how about a dedicated lane for cycling and electric-bikes  from Lake Forest Drive to Broadway. Surprise! It's already there, just clean off the tumble-weeds. Sometimes solutions are hidden in plain sight.


  1. Electric bikes or traditional manual bikes....this is a great idea! What happens when the path hits the toll road though?

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  3. Right now it's hasta la vista baby! No more bike-route until such time cooperation between LB City, County, Conservancy, OCTA and Caltrans continue the bike route to Laguna. One alternative is cross SR-133 at the toll-road, pick up Stagecoach Trail on the West side all the way to LCAD. Past LCAD there are no more cross-traffic obstructions till the Arts Festival.