Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013

CicLAvia is this SUNDAY

"To the Sea"

It's here again, the fourth annual Los Angeles CicLAvia is Sunday 21 April 2013. Come join the block party in Los Angeles! You can ride your bike, walk, push your stroller, skateboard, rollerblade, Razor, hop, skip and jump for 15 miles without worrying about cars or traffic. Bring you dog, kids, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottle, and good shoes.

You can get there without your car. "Take Metrolink--it's better than Disneyland!"

See you on the train or see you there! -LS

Saturday, April 13, 2013

LB City Hall Seeks Mobility Experts with Multi-Modal Experience

The city of Laguna Beach is soliciting proposals from consultants with experience in multi-modal transportation system planning and design. The public is invited to attend workshops to assess current transport conditions and plan for a new mobility system based on a multi-modal approach. The consultant will report progress from the planning process and input from workshops via the city website. All the stakeholders involved in Laguna's mobility system should attend: business owners, school district, police and fire departments. The public is encouraged to contribute by attendance or posting comments on the city website. The solicitation in the RFP (pictured) is well written with deliberate content, take the time to contribute your ideas.

Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Solve Traffic 101

Here is more OUT-OF-THE-BOX thinking to solve the parking and traffic problem in Laguna Beach. Call your wheels with your Smartphone App. Brought to you by those urban grunge kids in Seattle, car2go is a car-share program that allows anybody with a membership ($35 Registration) to telephone their wheels and drive away. Cities benefit because visitors don't park their personal vehicle on Laguna's streets, residents don't either. All those extra cars that choke Laguna streets remain at home in the garage, or better yet sold at auction. No need to build a $55,000,000 parking garage.

So you are in Laguna and need wheels to get around? Call Pick-up your wheels in five easy steps:

  1. Use the car2go Smartphone App.
  2. Walk around the block.
  3. Get-in.
  4. Go. (38cents/minute)
  5. Park.

One more Kool tool in the traffic tool-kit brought to you by creative planners in Seattle.

"Get in. Go. Park. It’s as simple as that."  See

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Will CalTRANS get a grip on this road?

LCR Head-on Crash, photo credit LB Patch
Laguna Canyon Road is operated and maintained by CalTRANS, the California Department of Transportation division of highways. CalTRANS is held by federal mandate under Deputy Directive 64 to maintain and operate this rural canyon road safely for all road users, they include pedestrians, cyclists transit buses and motorists.

Tesla Model S, photo credit Google Images
CalTRANS instead operates the canyon road like a freeway where hot-rods are not discouraged from racing. Patrons want to put a 'safe' crosswalk at LCAD. Ever see a safe crosswalk on a freeway? When 10,000 Altura Laguna residents descend on Laguna for beach access, the conditions for road users on LCR will become even worse. When will the city of Laguna Beach or CalTRANS get control of this road?