Monday, September 30, 2013


This Tuesday 1 October a new design concept for the Village Entrance will be presented to the Laguna Beach City Council. This parking garage disguised as a "Village Entrance" does not serve visitors nor residents for the purpose of easing traffic congestion; it sits on questionable soil; it will be financed by a revenue bond to circumvent residents right to vote; it puts Laguna in annual debt risk for $2.1million(est) for 25 years. Make no mistake, put lipstick on a pig it's still a pig.

City Hall has heard us, now it is time for them to listen. Come support Let Laguna Vote at the City Council meeting October 1.

When: Tuesday 1 October 5:00pm (city meeting 6:00pm)
Where: City Hall, 505 Forest Avenue Laguna Beach, 949 497 3311

For more information follow these links:

Laguna Beach City Agenda October 1 2013
Agenda Item 14 Village Entrance Project Update - Staff Report
Let Laguna Vote Website

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Tale of Two Cities

Tuesday 3 September 2013 6:00pm

The City of Newport Beach Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee convened their monthly meeting in a mournful mood following the untimely death of fallen cyclist Debra Deem, a resident of Laguna Beach. The committee meets monthly sponsored by the city of Newport Beach.


6- Committee members
6- City staff members
2- Newport Beach Police Department
1- Expert Consultant Alta Design
74 - Audience

Noteworthy Public Comments:
  • The city of Newport Beach should direct CalTRANS to ACTION on PCH
  • The city to take jurisdiction over highway if CalTRANS can't do job
  • PCH needs dedicated bike-lanes as was done in Long Beach
  • Identify the CalTRANS individual causing gridlock and work on him
  • High-speed interchanges have no place in a community, too dangerous
  • Highways are inappropriate for golf-carts and likewise cyclists
  • 4-deaths in Newport caused by Terrorists would cause uproar
  • Sharrow markings in roadway work, they identify the bike riders space 
  • Class I separated bike lane is preferred to Sharrows
  • Better bike visibility is BEST defence from vehicular collisions, use FLASHING LIGHTS  and BRIGHT CLOTHING
  • Motorists practice an entitlement to drive in our culture, needs change
  • Improve road usage, let's rid ourselves of tribalism behind the wheel
  • Teach road users respect and humility, change comes slow and hard
  • Components of bike planning: Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation 
  • CalTRANS District 12 Director Ryan Chamberlain (949) 724-2000

Meanwhile back in Laguna Beach ............

Coincidentally at the very same time the city of Laguna Beach City Council held their regular scheduled closed session meeting with a prepared agenda. Outside council chambers, Laguna residents brought their comments.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


TODAY! Tuesday, Sept. 3 from 5 to 6 pm, the City of Newport Beach will hold its Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee Meeting at 100 Civic Center Drive in Newport Beach. For agenda, location, map details see the calendar:
SURVEY! In order to ensure that the Bike Master Plan considers the type of bicycle safety improvements that we believe will help minimize the deaths of our cyclist friends, please take theNewport Beach Bicycle Survey AND show up to this meeting to voice your opinion.  
WHO'S NEXT?  As most of you know, we lost another cyclist in Newport Beach this week, Debra Deem.  Debra was the wife of Paul Deem, an Olympic Cyclist and owner of Cycle Werks.   On 8/27 at 4:27 pm, Debra was westbound on East Coast Highway, according to a police news release. A minivan also traveling westbound collided with her.  Debra was taken to Mission Hospital where she passed away from her injuries.
ADDITIONALLY, one year ago in September is the month where we lost two women cyclists and a third injured in three consecutive days.  We all remember and now we mourn another death.  PLEASE WEAR YOUR NEWPORT BEACH MEMORIAL RIDE T-SHIRT 
-April Morris, Anaheim