Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Tale of Two Cities

Tuesday 3 September 2013 6:00pm

The City of Newport Beach Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee convened their monthly meeting in a mournful mood following the untimely death of fallen cyclist Debra Deem, a resident of Laguna Beach. The committee meets monthly sponsored by the city of Newport Beach.


6- Committee members
6- City staff members
2- Newport Beach Police Department
1- Expert Consultant Alta Design
74 - Audience

Noteworthy Public Comments:
  • The city of Newport Beach should direct CalTRANS to ACTION on PCH
  • The city to take jurisdiction over highway if CalTRANS can't do job
  • PCH needs dedicated bike-lanes as was done in Long Beach
  • Identify the CalTRANS individual causing gridlock and work on him
  • High-speed interchanges have no place in a community, too dangerous
  • Highways are inappropriate for golf-carts and likewise cyclists
  • 4-deaths in Newport caused by Terrorists would cause uproar
  • Sharrow markings in roadway work, they identify the bike riders space 
  • Class I separated bike lane is preferred to Sharrows
  • Better bike visibility is BEST defence from vehicular collisions, use FLASHING LIGHTS  and BRIGHT CLOTHING
  • Motorists practice an entitlement to drive in our culture, needs change
  • Improve road usage, let's rid ourselves of tribalism behind the wheel
  • Teach road users respect and humility, change comes slow and hard
  • Components of bike planning: Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation 
  • CalTRANS District 12 Director Ryan Chamberlain (949) 724-2000

Meanwhile back in Laguna Beach ............

Coincidentally at the very same time the city of Laguna Beach City Council held their regular scheduled closed session meeting with a prepared agenda. Outside council chambers, Laguna residents brought their comments.


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