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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Newport Beach ADOPTS Bicycle Master Plan

From the City of Newport Beach:


At the October 28, 2014 Newport Beach City Council meeting, the Council unanimously adopted the 2014 City of Newport Beach Bicycle Master Plan and authorized City Staff to move forward with the Implementation Stage of the over 130 facility recommendations and over 30 program recommendations.  The City Council and Project Team are grateful to the Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee and community members for their role in the creation of this landmark document.

The Final Bicycle Master Plan can be found at:
2014 City of Newport Beach Bicycle Master Plan

"Unanimously" = City Council adopted by unanimous vote
"Adopted" = integrated with the General Plan, City of Newport Beach
"Implementation Stage" = allocate funding, spend money, build infrastructure
"Landmark" = never been done before

In 2010 a draft Laguna Beach Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was prepared by residents and offered to the city of Laguna Beach. See a copy here.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Stu News: Another Ped Hit

Thanks for raising the speed limits CalTRANS!

City of Laguna Beach: Thanks for watching.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The El Morro Elementary "Death Trap"

El Morro back-up 16 October 2014
This back-up occurs daily on Pacific Coast Highwy at El Morro. It has been four months since the fatal accident at Emerald Bay and only three days since the fatal cycling accident caused by an inebriated reckless driver at Crystal Cove (scroll down for links). What has been done by Caltrans or municipalities to prevent more fatalities? They cut -back the freeway daises.

The back-up at El Morro was described by Kurt Knepper 16 October 2014 this way:

"Here is a picture of the El Moro Elementary "Death Trap".. Do to poor policies every morning cars line up illegally in the No Stopping shoulder to enter the school forcing cyclists on to the roadway.. This morning I watched this cyclist almost get hit twice as cars whizzed by at freeway speeds..
Unfortunately, this area is not patrolled by LBPD, because it's outside of City limits.. Sadly someone will need to die or get hurt, before this death trap is stopped!"   

A related story warns of the Emerald Bay back-up, it was posted one month before the cycling fatality in the exact same location.      -LS

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hit-and-Run Killed Cyclist Crystal Cove Sunday

Hit and Run, DUI, with prior felony record is        ~ SUSPECTED~

"The driver has a prior conviction for driving under the influence and was arrested on multiple charges, including felony DUI, hit and run, narcotics possession and possession of drug paraphernalia, police said."

Some Complete Streets Policy we have. Caltrans doesn't follow their own directive.


Corona Del Mar Today: hereComment: "I think this accident could be prevented and this was the fault of Laguna Beach Police and paramedic."

Newport Beach CdM Patch: here.  23yo strikes cyclist.

Newport Beach CdM Patch: here.  Driver is a narcotics counselor.

OC Register has the story here.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Roadmap to "The Marginalization of Bicyclists"

This is a historical account of roadway access from the US cyclists perspective, it shows how the motorized vehicle gained dominance of the roadway through popularity and negligent policy decisions.

  The Very Short Summary

The Marginalization of Bicyclists
  •  1897: In the beginning, bicycles were vehicles and bicyclists were drivers
  •  1930: Bicycles are declared non-vehicles
  •  1911 – Now: Road lane-lines become common
  •  1944: If you can’t keep up, you don’t belong (in the lane)
  •  1968: Motorcyclists not bikes entitled to full use of a lane
  •  1975: Bicycles redefined as vehicles not entitled to full lane (the FTR rule)
  •  1975: Exceptions are made to FTR rule for road hazards and left turns
  •  Today: Conflicting FTR rule and laned roads exclude bikes

Get a longer historical summary here.

For the full narrative see: 

"The Marginalization of Bicyclists", Robert M. Shanteau PhD, Brian DeSousa, Keri Caffrey ,

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Roadway Use Empathy or Entitlement?

On Bike Street in Rotterdam the sign says "Cars are Guests"

Cherokee Schill videotapes vehicles harassing her while riding a bicycle on U.S. 27. *WARNING* (Redneck language may be offensive to some. Video contains adult language.) The question is...who is being dangerous in this video?
Vehicular harassment Hwy 27 Kentucky (click for Video)

WARNING: Abusive Red-Neck trucker language.

Photo credit to Jonathan Maus of Bike Portland.
Photo credit for "Bike-a-thon for Cherokee Schill",

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