Friday, November 25, 2016

LA Thanksgiving Traffic ABCNEWS

Left unchecked this is the Caltrans solution for Laguna Beach. There's a better way.

Tanaro River Piedmont Northern Italy, there is a connection.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016

Raised Bikelane for Canyon Acres

Common in Denmark Germany
LCR to Canyon Acres and beyond

Laguna Canyon Road is crowded, here's a way to provide two more mobility modes for both residents and visitors, from Canyon Acres to downtown Laguna. This raised bike- lane common in Denmark Holland and Germany and adopted in San Francisco is used to separate ped, bike, parking and traffic on the same street. The topography on Laguna Canyon road is already correct for this design, simply add bollards and pavement paint.  Meanwhile if your conviction is adding more autos to the crowded mobility mix, the Auto Mobility convention starts Monday at the LA Convention Center, notable is the The Sharing Strategy event at 11:00am Monday.       -LS

Monday, November 7, 2016

Measure LL Teams with KK

Did you get one of these in the mail?  The YES on LL and KK  Locals want you to know the medical benefits of cannabis now relieves Laguna traffic congestion too. The Bogus campaign flyer says:
  • City Leaders (cheerleaders?) endorse LL and KK (a ballot measure only)
  • Measures LL and KK are important for Laguna's future
  • Measures LL and KK will knock-out traffic in Laguna Beach
  • Will protect Laguna Beach from more tourists
  • Protect Laguna Beach from state government overreach
  • Measure LL raises millions from tourists, then
  • Measure KK buys trolleys roadway improvements and a park-and-ride
  • Measure LL and KK ensure medical access for seniors and veterans
These guys are so desperate for a LL/KK two-fer they even promote Complete Streets.

The facts about Measures LL and KK remain as follows:
  1. Measure LL is an additional 2% hotel tax on 6% of Laguna's visitors, the money enters a city slush fund to be spent in any way the city chooses.
  2. Measure KK is poorly written legislation for medical cannabis, the outcome is dependent on passage of California Proposition 64 Marijuana Initiative. 
  3. These measures have nothing whatever to do with solving traffic congestion.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Role of Mobility Priorities

Newport Beach shows their 2014-2015 annual budget is $165 million with an increased property tax of 5%, increased sales tax 4.8%, and increased bed tax 6.1% that year. Their Public Works expenditure was $33 million. Meanwhile this senior was photographed last week sitting on the sidewalk while waiting for the Route1 bus, turns out the bus was stuck in Laguna traffic and late. The bus route provides a sign marker but no transit shelter not even a waiting bench to sit down.  Newport Beach is home to fine automobile dealerships like Ferrari, Maserati AND Lamborghini so maybe NB Public Works could reevaluate their priorities?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Completing the OC-Loop

Bet you didn't know a 66 mile loop exists to provide alternative mobility to the automobile in the heart of Orange County? Here's the OC-Loop in a nutshell:  A 66-mile paved loop connecting 650,000 residents and 340,000 jobs within one-mile connections to 17 Orange County cities, links to 200 city parks and access to 180 schools. The loop is 98% complete but OC Parks is inviting residents to join a public workshop to design the remaining 2%.
Click for details

Where: Yorba Linda Community Center, 4501 Casa Loma Ave, Yorba Linda 92886
When: Tuesday 15 November 2016 6:00 - 8:00 pm
Details: OCTA Website OC Loop Invitation

Westminster is broke while Laguna has cash reserves, yet Westminster is building alternative bike routes to connect with the OC-Loop. With better planning Laguna Beach could join the OC-Loop network by completing Old Laguna Canyon Road, from James Dilley Park to Lake Forest and beyond.