Friday, July 24, 2015

Building Bike Mode Share through Bike Trains

In Los Angeles the growth in bicycle mode share has grown 70% in fifteen years particularly for bicycle commuters who bike to work.  For newbies the transition from auto to bicycle can be intimidating but there is comradery and added bike safety-in-numbers by joining a bike train as Meghan McCarty of KPCC Public Radio did during her LA bike to work. 

Bike Train builds cycling safety-in-numbers
Bike trains serve Santa Monica to downtown Los Angeles, Silver Lake to NASA/Caltech's JPL. The Irvine Barranca Metro Station to Laguna is only 10 miles apart, easily managed by bicycle. This commute route needs a bike-train and it's not rocket science.  What is a bike train? Check-out existing routes or propose a new route at LA Bike Trains here.     -LS

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Festival Season Transportation Alternatives

Slow and Go   Rush Hour   Heavy   Bumper to Bumper   Rage Level 1  Stuck in Traffic   Light    Traffic Jams Road Rage  Bottle Neck Hit-and-Run  Beat Traffic Rage Level 2 Slog  Traffic Fine  Snarl  Stuck

As Laguna's festival season begins so does the heaviest traffic congestion and consequences of a saturated car-centric mobility system. Normal weekly traffic alerts now occur daily.

Laguna Canyon Rd now has 1 lane open in each direction. Expect heavy traffic.Expect heavy traffic SB (inbound) Laguna Canyon Rd before the 73 fwy due to summer like conditions.Laguna Canyon Rd remains closed in both directions between El Toro & Canyon Acres until further noticeLaguna Canyon Rd is closed in both directions due to a brush fire in the 1900 block until further notice. Expect heavy traffic SB (inbound)Laguna Canyon Rd before the 73 fwy due to summer like conditions. 

Starting this festival season consider using alternatives to the automobile for arriving in and getting around Laguna Beach.


During Festival Season a FREE summer trolley services 3 routes from 9:30am to 11:30pm June 26 to August 30. See a route map here. See the route descriptions here. Trolley Tracker mobile App here.

Municipal Bus 

(No service July 4) The blue and white bus, Monday through Friday 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM, Saturday 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM. Route map here. Click for route maps:  Gray route service, Blue route service,  Red route service. Bus schedule here.

For more information visit the city transit page here.


Route 1 Long Beach to San Clemente, route map.
Route 55 Santa Ana to Newport, route map.
Route 85 Mission Viejo to Dana Point, route map.
Route 89 Mission Viejo to Laguna, route map.


Sally's Fund - local ride scheduling 949 499-4100
Age Well Senior Services - local ride 949 855-9766
LB Transit Plus Taxi Voucher Program - Suzi-Q Community Center front desk 9am-3pm 497-0504
Yellow Cab OC Company - 714 999-9999 pick-up schedule here.
Silver Streak Tranport Services - 949 435 3460
Uber - Ride on demand signup page here.

See more senior transportation details here.


Door to door service, alternate routes, easy parking. 
See the historical bike-route map (2004) here
See the bike-route map (2012) here.
See the latest city bike-route map (2015) TBD.


Get some exercise, meet a neighbor, experience old Laguna like you never have before. Paak-da-Ka if you dare here, and walk to your destination. Can't find parking?  Leave the car in the garage and experience Laguna's vistas, walk to your destination anyway.

"Traffic signals in New York are just rough guidelines" -David Letterman