Friday, July 24, 2015

Building Bike Mode Share through Bike Trains

In Los Angeles the growth in bicycle mode share has grown 70% in fifteen years particularly for bicycle commuters who bike to work.  For newbies the transition from auto to bicycle can be intimidating but there is comradery and added bike safety-in-numbers by joining a bike train as Meghan McCarty of KPCC Public Radio did during her LA bike to work. 

Bike Train builds cycling safety-in-numbers
Bike trains serve Santa Monica to downtown Los Angeles, Silver Lake to NASA/Caltech's JPL. The Irvine Barranca Metro Station to Laguna is only 10 miles apart, easily managed by bicycle. This commute route needs a bike-train and it's not rocket science.  What is a bike train? Check-out existing routes or propose a new route at LA Bike Trains here.     -LS

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