Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Take the Road Scholars Poll

Answers to the Road Scholar Poll, these transportation modes clear the intersection first:
  1. Transit (bus)
  2. Light Rail (tie w. bus)
  3. Pedestrians
  4. Bikes
  5. Automobiles
How did you score? Like everybody else? Not intuitive is it? Maybe your answer comes from the cultural bias in our car-centric mobility system.

This graphic from NATCO design guide (National Association of City Transportation Officials) shows the amount of through-traffic a single lane can carry.  

Road Scholars Video

It's Friday June 21 2030 and opening night of the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival. 1000 people are stopped at the El Toro red-light waiting for the green. There are 200 people in each of 5 lanes for walkers, cyclists, lightrail, bus, and automobiles. The light turns green and Festival goers leave the intersection at the same time. Which group will be the first to clear the intersection? Test your knowledge in the poll above right, then check your answer in the animation below.

This realistic demo shows we sacrifice transport efficiency over personal convenience. In a town plagued by automobile congestion we prefer the slowest means of moving people.  The animation accounts for vehicle occupancy, speed, time space and traffic flow but not delays from red-green intersection cycle and auto congestion.  (Update: Poll extended for better participation)     -LS


  1. Fascinating demo, Les! Thank you. Mindsets must be changed

  2. Lets hope Google Car has better software than Google Poll Gadget.

  3. It makes sense! Thanks for your work Les.