Saturday, May 28, 2016

Laguna Town Hall Meeting on Traffic and Congestion

Spawned by the traffic back-up caused by the Third Street Wastewater Project, a Town Hall meeting was held 17 May 2016 to explain how the City mitigated automobile traffic due to construction. Hosting City Manager John Pietig "takes over the show" in an hour monologue followed by Q&A explaining future plans for traffic congestion management in Laguna Beach (recorded video here.)

From the Town Hall these are traffic mitigation measures in our future plans:
  • Traffic Rent-a-Cops for every downtown intersection
  • Trolley service for South (North) Laguna re-applied
  • Hire a Traffic Control Utility Company
  • Re-schedule all road construction work from day-shift to night-shift 
  • Allow natural congestion (back-up) as default plan
  • We residents (roadway users) are the (city) customers
New technologies applied to manage traffic congestion are these:
  • Modified traffic signaling during LCR canyon backups
  • Traffic Text Alerts on mobile devices
  • KX Laguna Radio Alerts
  • Valet Parking
This is the best we can do folks, right out of the playbill for US Department of Transportation traffic management circa 1929.

(No slides or documents are available)


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