Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bring me your tired, your texting, your intoxicated

Google's robot car drives itself
Distracted driving is no problem for Google's robot car, you simply allow Google Maps to drive it. Traffic congestion is no problem either. In Google's vision of the new mobility system these cars " sense anything near the car and mimic decisions made by a human driver." They drive high-speed bumper-to-bumper unimpeded by traffic lights because they were removed for efficiency. This way says the commentary, we can "double the cars on the road" and  shift driving responsibility from the driver to the auto-mobile. "...the same commute that you were cursing this morning could be a breeze with a network of smart cars on a smart freeway that will almost completely remove drivers from the equation."  If you like traffic now, your gonna love a car-centric future with even more cars in it. Listen to the Pat Morrison show at KPCC.


  1. So a cop pulls over a smart-car for a traffic violation, who gets the ticket the passenger, the car, or Google? Who is liable in an accident between two smart-cars? If my smart-car parks over the white line in Laguna, will Google pay the $43 ticket? How about the $300 ticket for parking in a blue curb zone? Are smart-cars are color-blind?

  2. The CEO of Ford Motor Company said (radio interview 14 October 2012) the global population of automobiles today is 1B autos and the company is anticipating growth of 2 and 4 billion automobiles in the near future. "The greatest problem with a world with 4 billion cars is global grid-lock." (In China a recent grid-lock took 11 DAYS to untangle) Now the clincher, the solution to this global mobility problem is to build ......... more cars! Yes folks Smart Cars are our salvation, brought to you by the automobile industry.

  3. Are the Airlines next or first? Avoiding collisions is far easier in the air than on the ground.