Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bike Lanes Exempt from CEQA Process

The California Environmental Quality (CEQA) is a Califonia statute passed in 1970 to institute a statewide policy of environmental protection. In September Governor Brown signed legislation AB2245 making the the consideration of some bike-lanes projects exempt from the CEQA statute. The trigger for consideration by CEQA is the impact to Level of Service made by installation of bike lanes. The LOS may be determined by the local municipality and specific for each city.

In Laguna Beach the exemption would simplify the review process and lower the administrative cost for the Glenneyre Complete Streets project (LB staff review). The project offers three alternatives for street improvements proposed by consulting firm  Fehr & Peers in a report dated 9/25/12.  UPDATE: Alternative 1 is the least comprehensive least expensive of three alternatives and was chosen by the city for consideration. Alternative 1 HAS NO PROVISIONS FOR CYCLING making CEQA a mute point for the Glenneyre project. Consulting fees for Fehr and Peers were budgeted $5000. -LS

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