Monday, October 8, 2012

Complete Streets Project Summary in Laguna Beach

This chart shows capital improvements planned and executed in Laguna Beach for the last 5 years. The Complete Streets projects actually built total $5000 (2011), an amount too small to render on this computer graphic. Recall that Laguna spends on average $25,000 on fireworks every year. In an election period where political hype exaggerates  Complete Streets, it is important to hold promises made versus projects actually built in perspective. From the city fiscal year budgets 2007-2012. -LS


  1. Makes me think of Oregon's 1% rule, this sliver of money for all roadway improvements is dedicated to bicycle improvements. It's negligible, but bike and ped infrastructure isn't often expensive.

  2. Laguna fixed that. In the 2015-16 budget the CM now lumped all roadway improvements into a new C&I category called "Complete Streets". Now tar slurry, sidewalk repair, curb and gutter expenditures are credited as expenditures for "Complete Streets". You can't make this up, it's Laguna Beach.