Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Newport Beach ADOPTS Bicycle Master Plan

From the City of Newport Beach:


At the October 28, 2014 Newport Beach City Council meeting, the Council unanimously adopted the 2014 City of Newport Beach Bicycle Master Plan and authorized City Staff to move forward with the Implementation Stage of the over 130 facility recommendations and over 30 program recommendations.  The City Council and Project Team are grateful to the Bicycle Master Plan Oversight Committee and community members for their role in the creation of this landmark document.

The Final Bicycle Master Plan can be found at:
2014 City of Newport Beach Bicycle Master Plan

"Unanimously" = City Council adopted by unanimous vote
"Adopted" = integrated with the General Plan, City of Newport Beach
"Implementation Stage" = allocate funding, spend money, build infrastructure
"Landmark" = never been done before

In 2010 a draft Laguna Beach Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan was prepared by residents and offered to the city of Laguna Beach. See a copy here.

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