Monday, September 30, 2013


This Tuesday 1 October a new design concept for the Village Entrance will be presented to the Laguna Beach City Council. This parking garage disguised as a "Village Entrance" does not serve visitors nor residents for the purpose of easing traffic congestion; it sits on questionable soil; it will be financed by a revenue bond to circumvent residents right to vote; it puts Laguna in annual debt risk for $2.1million(est) for 25 years. Make no mistake, put lipstick on a pig it's still a pig.

City Hall has heard us, now it is time for them to listen. Come support Let Laguna Vote at the City Council meeting October 1.

When: Tuesday 1 October 5:00pm (city meeting 6:00pm)
Where: City Hall, 505 Forest Avenue Laguna Beach, 949 497 3311

For more information follow these links:

Laguna Beach City Agenda October 1 2013
Agenda Item 14 Village Entrance Project Update - Staff Report
Let Laguna Vote Website


  1. Good luck.
    Wall Street will be disappointed if you kibosh this!

  2. Despite dozens of considerate informed comments the great majority opposing the parking garage, Laguna Beach City Council voted 4:1 to approve Agenda Item #14 with expenditures of $150,000 for soils tests and consultant fees to proceed with the project. On balance the audience liked the plans for beautification in the park but hated the obligatory parking garage and extraordinary costs. Attendees left the meeting bewildered over the council decision.