Thursday, April 4, 2013

Will CalTRANS get a grip on this road?

LCR Head-on Crash, photo credit LB Patch
Laguna Canyon Road is operated and maintained by CalTRANS, the California Department of Transportation division of highways. CalTRANS is held by federal mandate under Deputy Directive 64 to maintain and operate this rural canyon road safely for all road users, they include pedestrians, cyclists transit buses and motorists.

Tesla Model S, photo credit Google Images
CalTRANS instead operates the canyon road like a freeway where hot-rods are not discouraged from racing. Patrons want to put a 'safe' crosswalk at LCAD. Ever see a safe crosswalk on a freeway? When 10,000 Altura Laguna residents descend on Laguna for beach access, the conditions for road users on LCR will become even worse. When will the city of Laguna Beach or CalTRANS get control of this road?

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  1. Bikes will RULE LCR once it becomes a parking lot filled with Laguna Altura residents.