Friday, February 27, 2015

The OpEd Unfit to Print

How Laguna Beach Got its Sharrows

What 8 years of community organizing failed to accomplish, the LB City Council achieved by decree: 'Yea it Shall Be, Yea Verily it Shall Be Done!' The long awaited alternative bike-route through Laguna Beach will be completed in February.
Every manner of community bike-rides, task force meetings, public workshops potlucks and drum-circles tried but failed to inflate the agenda bill. But fear of litigation for compensatory damages (French, Pettis, Deem, Colvin, the homeless ) brings municipal focus and commitment like an end-O. Last October our city committed to finish a bike-route - ANY bike-route, to improve street safety for LB resident cyclists. But damn the torpedoes, design process, engineering review, stakeholders and those pesky facts from traffic data, it's political engineering that gets stuff done in Laguna Beach. If you think these bicycle Sharrows are a miracle, wait till Caltrans plows the Canyon HOV lane, the merry-GO-roundabouts, and the bi-lingual bike and pedestrian pathway for Parents Without Partners on Laguna Canyon Road.

Four out of five OC newspapers did not publish this.  -LS

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Where LB Traffic Collisions Occur

These charts show the location of vehicle collisions around Laguna Beach as compiled by the Transportation Injury Mapping System. Each chart (click to enlarge) shows the number of recorded collisions, the location, the mode of transportation for eleven years 2003-2013.

The first three charts show the hot-spots around Laguna where collisions occur most frequently for all modes of transportation in all circumstances.  The data shows most collisions are concentrated on South Coast Highway and Laguna Canyon Road. The traffic violation cited most often is Unsafe Speed, the most frequent collision type is Rear-End.

South Coast Highway / 1362 Collisions / All Modes / 2003-2013

Laguna Canyon Road / 1362 Collisions / All Modes / 2003-2013

Violation: Unsafe Speed 43%, Type Collision: Rear-End 44% most common

The next four charts show collisions are concentrated along state highways no matter the mode of transport. The pedestrian detail shows collisions that occured in the Hip District with case details available for each incident as mapped by the TIMS system.

Pedestrain Collisions

Pedestrain Detail

Bicycle Collisions

Motorcycle Collisions

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Office of Traffic Safety Issues LB Report Card

The California State Office of Traffic Safety compiles traffic safety statistics for cities state-wide and ranks cities according to the number of injuries and fatalities caused by vehicle collisions. Cities are ranked from safest to most dangerous by comparing the number of traffic collision injuries and fatalities recorded in each city. 

The rankings are adjusted by the number of miles driven and by the resident population of each city. (The rankings are not adjusted for the number of vehicles occupying the city). The rankings are organized for different transport categories like walking, cycling, motorcycling, driving and by the influence conditions that cause the collision like speeding, alcohol, visibility, and hit-and-run. 

Each city is ranked in each transport category from safest to most dangerous.  The charts following are a visual interpretation of the OTS data showing the level of danger for four beach cities from the latest OTS data available. The charts were compiled for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and by the influence of speeding on traffic injuries and fatalities.

Laguna Beach consistently ranks over the 90th percentile for the most dangerous city in these categories among the four beach cities (it doesn't get better for alcohol, hit-and-run, DUI as influence factors). In the years to come a comparison will show if this trend persists.  -LS

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Saturday, December 27, 2014

BMW DriveNOW is Here

Want to boost your image?

 In Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Dusseldorf  San Francisco and coming to Oakland BMW offers an electric car-share program. DriveNow brings all-electric BMW's to California streets. Locate and select the Mini or sedan model of your choice by smart phone. Unlock get-in and drive to your destination, pay-by-the-mile.

In a hurry? Register for DriveNow here.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Good Driver-Training Tool

These road-safety trailer signs appear 3 places on Laguna Canyon Road.
UPDATE: As of Monday 22 December 2014 these signs were removed.

"Give 'em 3-feet"

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our Road System in Black & White

Southern California

The Fathom Print Shop offers these high contrast maps showing how much ground is covered by asphalt and concrete roads. No explanation given how the islands were highlighted. Compare Southern California to Alaska below.

For maps of most 50 states and the complete California map see the Fathom Print Shop.  -LS

State of Alaska

Monday, December 8, 2014

Paris May Go Car-Free

The Mayor of Paris announced ambitious plans to ban cars from the city center.

Wonder what is planned in Laguna's sister city Meton, France?

 Did you know:
  • Paris is home to the largest bike-share system outside of China with 18,000 shared bicycles. 
  • Since the introduction of Velib in 2007 the number of Parisians riding bicycle increased from 40% in 2011 to 60% today.
  • Paris plans to double the number of bike-lanes by 2020 for $147 million bike development program.
Story: Grist