Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Laguna's Transit and Free Trolley

Just in time for summer fun, Laguna Beach offers new transit services to get around Laguna. Extended routes, new schedules, and the Bus and Trolley Tracker App. The Free summer trolleys run June-September, the Free weekend trolleys start Friday nights and run all year. Routes extend from the NIX Center to Shaw's Cove to the Ritz Carlton and points between. Here are useful links to more ride options.

Weekend Trolley Map
Transit General Info
Bus and Trolley Tracker App

More connecting services here:


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Laguna's Latest OTS Collision Rankngs


Collision data (2013 latest) from the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) show the number of fatalities and injuries in different categories. The data shows total number of accidents for Laguna has declined in recent years. As the cause for collisions, excess speed remains the greatest contributor (click chart to enlarge. The total collisions in a year are not the sum of all the categories.)


The data shows Laguna's traffic safety ranking among other similar cities has improved slightly. For 2013 in the Total Fatalities and Accidents category Laguna ranks 4/105, that's fourth from the worst in 105 cities. Laguna ranks among the bottom among in most of the categories measured. The safety spike in 2011 might be due to the increase in DUI arrests, more information is not available.

This chart shows the number of Laguna DUI arrests as a percent of city population. The number of DUI arrests for California average is 0.84%. DUI records in this chart are from the Department of Justice and different than the alcohol related categories above. 

Ten years of alcohol related accidents include typically rear-end and broadside collisions (60% total) and occur on major roads serving Laguna Beach.

Data for the rankings is taken from several agencies, including the California Highway Patrol (CHP) Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Finance (DOF).   -LS

Thursday, April 7, 2016

UberMOTO Ride Share

Need a quick ride across town? These Uber-like motorcycle ride-shares are available and more springing up in time for Summer. 

The Spyke App is a motorcycle-share, reserves a corner for your MC, gives a rider profile of your driver, and all the stats for your experience for bragging rights:   SPYKE

Riders-Share What do you call a donor cycle but not that kind?  On 17th street in Costa Mesa, website to launch this weekend. Peer to peer motorcycle ride service:    Riders-Share

UberMOTO debut, summon a motorcycle ride on your Uber App. The ride service in Bangkok Thailand, begins at 10B (28 cents) and in Bengaluru India for 15 Rupees (22 cents). The vetting process for drivers is TBD. Cash or credit accepted:   UberMOTO

San Francisco based Uber expands its ride service beyond cars, a three-wheel autorickshaw debuted in New Delhi last year but lasted just seven months. 

CSULB as an incentive to commute without a car Cal State Long Beach offers points each day U. employees walk, ride a motorcycle, bike or carpool to work. Each point worth $1:    Ride Share Rewards 


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Laguna Beach Mobility Survey Results

The survey is closed due to lack of participation. Results show years 2016 and 2030, with 22 respondents the sample is too small and results indeterminate. Click the chart to enlarge.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Temple Hills Drive Sidewalk at DRB Tonight

Temple Hills Drive Sidewalk at Dunning Drive

Link to Environmental Study and Location

Link to Detailed Drawings
  • Elevated Curb with Gutter
  • Cyclists forced into motorist lane
  • Cyclists told "use Park Ave"
  • No transit provisions
  • Fedex, UPS, US Post not considered
  • Complete Street Policy ignored
See Alternatives A-D proposed by community here.  

UPDATE: This design proposal was withdrawn for revaluation  to assess traffic calming measures and for traffic count data collection.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Moulton Meadows Trail Vote Tonight UPDATED

Trail Head Latest Revision, drawings by Stantec
Trail Construction Notes
UPDATE: Drawings Revised. Click to enlarge. In 2010 Laguna residents requested a simple 5-foot wide walking trail on a public easement, the resident requested trail requirements are here.

The new Moulton Meadows Trail, TOW Pathway, renamed Smith Trail is 10-feet wide on a 30 degree slope costing $900 per foot (elevated foot-bridge extra). See Agenda Item #15 for February 9 2016,  Council members will vote for approval of public rights-of-way and acquisition of public easements to allow construction to proceed. UPDATE: Council approved additional $30,000 to mitigate parking and traffic due to the trail. Plan approved 5:0.    -LS

Latest Elevation Drawings by Stantec, Irvine

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


MIG Consulting is the city's chosen urban planner tasked with assisting the Laguna Beach Downtown Specific Plan update. MIG has published draft recommendations to be discussed during a joint session of the LB Planning Department, City Council and MIG Consulting Wednesday January 27 2016 (available from the city website here). The 47 page report reveals the emphasis in recommended changes to the Downtown Specific Plan (DSP) and confirms the Parking Management Plan. Some mode-share key words are repeated often while others don't appear at all, as the chart shows (updated).

"pedestrian" 7x
"plaza" 1x
"bike" 2x
"bikerack" 0x
"transit" 61x
"transitstop" 2x
"rail" 0x
"garage" 45x
"parking" appears 604 times.

Every urban planning specialist tells us increasing parking supply increases the supply of cars to fill it. Like parking garages, you build it and they will come. Here are some surprises from the draft report, perhaps the best that can be done in politically contentious Laguna Beach. 
  • Special Parking Requirement 1 space per 1000 sqft. (good move)
  • In-lieu parking fees will fund more parking facilities
  • Design of parking facilities (garages) should include bicycle access ( but no bikelanes)
  • Growth of the parking supply (building new parking structures)
Now it should be clear what the consultants have in store for Laguna Beach.        -LS

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Nutty Bike Bill

Oy Vey!
Still feeling banner envy over those Wright Brothers from North Carolina, state legislator Jay Houghton introduced Missouri House Bill 2046 to amend Missouri state law to require every bicycle “operating upon a lettered county road” to be equipped with a fluorescent orange flag “suspended not less than 15 feet above the roadway.” More at Bicycling here. -LS