Monday, October 24, 2011

Signs of Improvement from CALTRANS???

This is the promising new view of the road heading northbound or southbound on Laguna Canyon Road.  In Phase 4 of the highway plans for construction, CALTRANS calls for 8 foot shoulders and bike lanes extending south to Laguna from El Toro. Estimated completion will be late in 2012. 


  1. Despite numerous attempts to contact Caltrans to explain the scope of construction on Laguna Canyon Road, we receive no replies. Public Works City of Laguna Beach informs us the sign in the photo are temporary only. With no commitment from Caltrans the indications are these improvements to LCR will likely be removed. -Laguna Streets

  2. Rode it today, was actually nice up until el toro, however, the new "freeway" segment to Irvine is no fun, too much garbage on the far right side, and near white line cars pass closely at 70mph, UPS trucks etc.

    Funny thing its marked as a bicycle route...wouldn't it be great if they made that dirt path next to the road by the lakes a bicycle path, plenty of room there and it would be super scenic.

  3. The storm drains on LCR Northbound to Irvine are a hazard for road bikes because the tires can slip between the grate stopping the bike and throwing the rider, I don't know anyone who risks crossing them on a bicycle. The fact Caltrans would put these grates in a bikeway shows either oversight of design requirements or contempt for roadbikes. I would suggest a quick fix, clock the grates 90 degrees to the existing orientation. Is this feasible? Caltrans are you reading this? If so, post your solution below.

  4. I agree, those grates are awful, and so is the 65mph speeds that traffic passing me had this morning.
    Anyways, I'll keep riding that way to irvine as its still by far the quickest way and although high in perceived danger, with lack of cross traffic actually pretty low in real danger.
    Hopefully, one day laguna canyon includes bike route we can really enjoy and not just survive.