Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Week in Review for CSTF

Results of Tuesday 22 November Council meeting addressing Complete Streets infrastructure projects:
  • CSTF under city review make 24 recommendations for CS infrastructure
  • City Staff writes agenda bill, 3 from CSTF, 3 unfamiliar, 1 contingency
  • Staff re-label agenda bill with a CSTF origin
  • Council allocates budget: $5k for Sharrows, $20k for trail building, $50k for consultant fees, and $225K for further in-house studies and fees
  • Summary: out of $300k, $5k pays for cycling infrastructure
Also making news:
  • Susi-Q considers CSTF News as SPAM, requests list removal
  • Saturday 26 Nov. cyclist hit by motorist Forest and PCH
  • Saturday 26 Nov. cyclist accident on Laguna Canyon Road
  • Sunday 27 Nov. two pedestrians hit by motorist, Brooks and PCH

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