Monday, May 7, 2012

In 98 cities of similar size Laguna ranks most dangerous for cyclists pedestrians and those killed due to abusive drivers

The Office of Transportation Safety (OTS) compiles traffic collision data on all cities in California. This chart shows the number killed and injured in collisions with automobiles. Click the photo to enlarge.

(OTS) then ranks Laguna with similar sized cities in California. Here Laguna is ranked with cities per average population. Best score is 100%, worst 0%.

Here Laguna is ranked per vehicle mile traveled.

Here Laguna is ranked for abusive drivers per vehicle miles traveled.

By any measure Laguna ranks at the bottom of measured road safety. 

Compare the safety record for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers in Laguna, Newport, and San Clemente at this slideshow from Photobucket.

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  1. I've ridden my bicycle through Laguna Beach (specifically on Hwy 1) one time. These charts make a lot of sense, considering how rude the drivers were to me (honking and passing me at 60+ MPH with less than an inch to spare). I wasn't harassed anywhere near this badly when riding Hwy 1 anywhere else.