Friday, September 21, 2012

Brief Highlights Bike Safety Meeting

Newport Beach Public Library
1000 Avocado
Newport Beach, CA

Next Meeting: 1 October 2012, 4:30pm

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Meeting Highlights
  • Moment of Silence for Katherine Campion M.D.  and Sarah Leaf, both women cyclists killed Friday and Saturday in collisions with motorists
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian infrastructure projects compete for funding with all other Capital Infrastructure projects planned by Newport Public Works
  • Priority projects are completed first
  • Mayor Gardner: Newport Beach has no extra money to hire staff or fund bike infrastructure projects
  • Lack of progress implementing bicycle safety measures is due ineffective city policy and a failure to act
  • Design criteria for measuring mobility effectiveness is called the Level of Service (LOS)
  • LOS is defined as measure of moving vehicles not moving people, that shortcoming is the reason our mobility system is a congested failure
  • Sharrows planned for PCH in October will be studied further and a report issued in 6 months
  • Citizen response: If Newport Beach does not implement Sharrows on PCH in 30 days, a legal action will be taken against Newport Beach.

For the record:
Fiscal Year Newport city budget 2010-2011 shows an $11.9M surplus,
the 2011-2012 budget shows a $7.8M surplus, from City Budget and Pensions, Dave Kiff, City Manager, September 2012.

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