Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tonight's Community Workshop: Why Landscape?

Tonight Tuesday October 29 the city of Laguna Beach hosts a workshop, the community is invited to pose questions for a panel of experts. The invitation says this is a workshop about city landscaping. A separate but informative flyer says the city is preparing a "Landscape and Scenic Highways General Plan Element".

Why is the city of Laguna Beach occupied with beautification of a CalTRANS state highway with landscaping? Freeway daisies and highway Oleanders are NOT some of my favorite plants, how about you? Do flowers make highways any safer for pedestrians or cyclists? Maybe they should address road-user fatalities on Laguna Canyon Road first.

If you think our city has it's priorities correct, please attend the meeting at 7:00pm Tuesday 29 October 2013 and choose from a selection of your favorite road-side shrubs.

You may also offer the city some guidance by completing this on-line city sponsored survey and offer your opinion at every opportunity where the survey question says 'Other'. Please offer your ideas ASAP.     -LS

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