Thursday, November 20, 2014

Laguna's Roundabout Moves Cars Not People

The city of Laguna Beach is considering a plan to include traffic roundabouts on Laguna Canyon Road at these traffic intersections: El Toro Road, Phillips Road, Anneliese Schools. The video shows an experiment where roundabouts increased car traffic flow by 20% over 4-way stops and increases car traffic safety. The result does not consider other transportation modes through the same intersection. The city's plan does not consider other transport modes in their measure of plan success. Don't we have enough cars already?

For contrast here's a working roundabout in Amsterdam.


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  1. All modern roundabouts have median islands separating incoming and outgoing auto traffic. Pedestrians don't have to find a gap in two directions of traffic, just one. This is safer for pedestrians, especially for younger or older ones, because they only have to concentrate on one direction of traffic at a time. This is what is meant by two-phase. Cross the first half, pause if you need to, then cross the second half. On multi-lane crossings pedestrian beacons or signals are often added if the auto (or pedestrian) traffic is too numerous. Here is a video example: . The signals can also be two phase, requiring the pedestrian to push a second button when they get to the median. The median can also have a Z path to reorient the pedestrian to view oncoming traffic. Also, the signals usually rest in off, so they are only activated if a pedestrian needs the help crossing. This way only motorists that need to stop are delayed.