Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sustainable Car-Free Cites

Photo Credit: Crawford, Carfree Times

As Paris France prepares to host serious discussions on climate disruption at the climate summit in December, the Carfree Times is promoting their film to promote awareness and topics on sustainable urban living. Among the topics:

Car-free Cities
Food & Fiber
Water with Healthbridge Canada and Building a Better Bangladesh premeired the 53 minute film in Dhaka Bangladesh and Kathmandu Nepal 13 August 2015. Watch "Recovering from Disruption: A Comprehensive Approach to Building a Sustainable World"
Vimo format here (recommended)
YouTube format here (popular)
See postcards of car-free cities Madrid, Dublin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Helsinki and soon Paris France at the Carfree Times here.    

Attention NIMBY's:  prepare to duck and cover.


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