Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bike Route Safety Conditions on LCR

The Transport Injury Mapping System  shows there were 26 collisons with bicycles for the ten-year period 1/2004 thru 12/2013. The map shows where the collisions occured on Laguna Canyon Road North and South of the 73. Notice the reduction in collisions North of the 73 outside the city boundary versus inside.  Let's look at the road segments on either side of the 73 Laguna city boundary. 

North of the city boundary frequent road signs alert motorists of a "Bike Route" alternating with "Emergency Parking Only". Traveling outbound there are 18 and 11 respectively, inbound there are 21 and 18. South of the city boundary there are 3 and 0.

These photos show the provision for bicycle riders  inside and outside of the city boundary, check-out that 'speed-limit' and a storm-drain grate in the middle of the 'bike-lane'.

LCR Outside City Boundary

LCR Inside City Boundary

Despite the difference in provision for bicycle riders the OCTA Regional Bikeways Map declares a bike route is complete from the 405 to PCH. The on-street provisions and safety record would suggest otherwise.  -LS  

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