Tuesday, January 26, 2016


MIG Consulting is the city's chosen urban planner tasked with assisting the Laguna Beach Downtown Specific Plan update. MIG has published draft recommendations to be discussed during a joint session of the LB Planning Department, City Council and MIG Consulting Wednesday January 27 2016 (available from the city website here). The 47 page report reveals the emphasis in recommended changes to the Downtown Specific Plan (DSP) and confirms the Parking Management Plan. Some mode-share key words are repeated often while others don't appear at all, as the chart shows (updated).

"pedestrian" 7x
"plaza" 1x
"bike" 2x
"bikerack" 0x
"transit" 61x
"transitstop" 2x
"rail" 0x
"garage" 45x
"parking" appears 604 times.

Every urban planning specialist tells us increasing parking supply increases the supply of cars to fill it. Like parking garages, you build it and they will come. Here are some surprises from the draft report, perhaps the best that can be done in politically contentious Laguna Beach. 
  • Special Parking Requirement 1 space per 1000 sqft. (good move)
  • In-lieu parking fees will fund more parking facilities
  • Design of parking facilities (garages) should include bicycle access ( but no bikelanes)
  • Growth of the parking supply (building new parking structures)
Now it should be clear what the consultants have in store for Laguna Beach.        -LS

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