Thursday, April 7, 2016

UberMOTO Ride Share

Need a quick ride across town? These Uber-like motorcycle ride-shares are available and more springing up in time for Summer. 

The Spyke App is a motorcycle-share, reserves a corner for your MC, gives a rider profile of your driver, and all the stats for your experience for bragging rights:   SPYKE

Riders-Share What do you call a donor cycle but not that kind?  On 17th street in Costa Mesa, website to launch this weekend. Peer to peer motorcycle ride service:    Riders-Share

UberMOTO debut, summon a motorcycle ride on your Uber App. The ride service in Bangkok Thailand, begins at 10B (28 cents) and in Bengaluru India for 15 Rupees (22 cents). The vetting process for drivers is TBD. Cash or credit accepted:   UberMOTO

San Francisco based Uber expands its ride service beyond cars, a three-wheel autorickshaw debuted in New Delhi last year but lasted just seven months. 

CSULB as an incentive to commute without a car Cal State Long Beach offers points each day U. employees walk, ride a motorcycle, bike or carpool to work. Each point worth $1:    Ride Share Rewards 


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