Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Newport PD promises crackdown on motorists and cyclists

One cyclist is killed per month in Orange County, law enforcement in four cities are joining forces this month to turn around this tragic trend. Locally Laguna Beach will step-up enforcement of traffic laws for motorists and cyclists, see reports in the Stu News Laguna  and Laguna Beach Independent. Photo OC Register


  1. Roundabouts can reduce car/bicycle conflicts. See this article about the roundabouts in La Jolla.

  2. Letter by local La Jolla bike rider:
    The article on roundabouts made no mention of cyclists. My experience of riding through has been mostly positive as the most drivers tend to slow down before entering the intersection: however, there are some drivers who speed up to pass me as I am entering the roundabout even though I have signaled my intensions to move into the lane. It is necessary for cyclists to move into the traffic lane because there is no bike lane in the roundabout. As more cyclists are riding on La Jolla Boulevard, it is important for drivers to be aware of cyclists.