Monday, March 14, 2011

Merchants Beware: CARS don't carry wallets, PEOPLE do!

Laguna High School Students hold their wallets and cellphones while occupying a single parking space on Forest Avenue in Laguna Beach. The students demonstrated the potential for business from foot-traffic, a single parking space is room enough for 18 students or 14 bicycles. Courtesy Coastline Pilot May 2009.


  1. This is a really good point, and there is lot of data to prove that dense areas profit financially from ped/bike only zones. Laguna Beach is totally maxed out with cars on summer days, if bike access to city was improved, sidewalk seating expanded(like on the special street closure days on Forest dr) merchants would make ALOT more money from all the bike tourists. DP is already bike friendly, CDM is getting there, Irvine is great, if Laguna worked together with these neighbor cities to make PCH safe and Laguna Canyon, it could become the premier cycling destination for $10k pinarello owning rich cyclist that abound in OC.
    This change from "cars only" Laguna could easily multiply dollars spent in Laguna for a small investment in better bike infra.

    Now, how do we sell this idea to the non-motorized transport hating current city council?

  2. The general public is invited to show their support for a new mobility policy, learn about complete streets policy, second Tuesday of each month, 4:00pm Senior Center, Laguna Beach.