Sunday, March 27, 2011

Traffic hazard for peds, bikes and drivers on PCH goes unresolved

A contributor writes: This happens pretty much EVERY WEEK DAY MORNING (The police have been notified, no solution forthcoming) The photo shows northbound traffic at PCH and Emerald Bay at 7:30 am. Despite the northbound lane and the shoulder posted  as "NO STOPPING AT ANY TIME", the traffic is stopped Northbound traffic comes around a down-hill righthand bend and then abruptly stops.

I don't cycle past Emerald bay or Irvine Cove early in the morning anymore since this is a complete nightmare on a bike. I'm also amazed there have not been any vehicles rear ended. Just a matter of time. 
Suggested solution: The police would also have to enforce the LAW and move people on, after a short time all the construction workers would know there is no point in arriving early and sitting on PCH. The same solution could be implemented by Emerald Bay and Irvine Cove- they would issue staggered start times for the various construction projects.

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  1. Officially there are no city supported bike lanes in all of Laguna Beach and South Laguna despite neighboring cities providing them starting with Dana Point to the south and Corona Del Mar north. The painted lanes you see on PCH are for emergency parking, and that's where you will find parked cars further obstructing cycling and pedestrian traffic. It would appear Laguna Beach remains anti-bike despite infrastructure built for cyclists in all neighboring coastal cities.