Sunday, April 3, 2011

No Joke, April 1 LA City Council voted to approve $5.4Million for Safe Routes to Schools

Safe Routes funding, the council unanimously approved $2.67 million for bike lanes, bike racks and bike-friendly pavement markings. Full Article NBC-LA

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  1. The official policy of the Laguna Beach Unified School District is they do not advise students walking or cycling to school because streets in Laguna are unsafe to do so. Their position is they provide school buses to transport students and physical education classes to ensure students get daily exercise. Despite federal and state grants to pay for infrastructure, LBUSD maintains their no-walking no-biking policy. Now you know why school traffic causes daily traffic jams. Footnote: there are only two bike racks to service 3000 enrolled students in the LB Unified School System and no bike lanes anywhere in Laguna Beach.