Friday, April 8, 2011

Moulton Meadows to Old Top of the World Trail

The Complete Streets Task Force of Laguna Beach (CSTF) is working with community leaders to extend a trail from Moulton Meadows to the Old Top-of-the-World neighborhood. The current trail is not much more than a goat path and is not safe or even easy for anything with wheels--namely bikes and strollers, nor is it very safe for kids to use unless accompanied by a very able-bodied adult to push or pull them up the trails steep and treacherous passage.
The new trail would be a viable and car-free option for elementary children to ride or walk to TOW Elementary School. It will allow for both neighborhoods to have access to Moulton Meadows' beautiful trails, playing fields, courts and playgrounds.When the CSTF has had informal discussions with neighborhood families the response has been overwhelmingly positive for the new trail. One neighbor simply stated, "It is silly that there is no safe access between our neighborhoods. Our kids play together at school and then to get back to MM to practice on the soccer fields, it's a 4 mile drive each way."

Currently, the MM fire road ends at the private, gated road Sommet du Monde. From our understanding, the owners of the six houses on this road have refused to grant pedestrian and bike access to the community. There has been some investigation into whether the city would have any right to open this up as a public through way, but an attorney speaking for the property owners has threatened litigation if the city were to press for eminent domain. In order to simplify the issue and preserve community harmony another option was chosen to avoid the "private" community.

Thus, Plan B is to build a bike and stroller accessible route for the trail, with some necessary easements from TOW residents. The CSTF is working to determine the route, costs and other options. The old trail will be returned to its natural condition and absorbed by the surrounding reserve.

If you are interested in joining CSTF to work on this project, please use the contact information for this website: or write to the task force directly at Meetings of CSTF are held the second Tuesday of the month 4-6 pm at the Community Center downtown.


  1. The official position of the Laguna Beach Unified School District is walking and biking to school are unsafe activities. No kidding! Read their policy statement here:,0,564565.story

  2. I rode my mountain bike down the existing trail on the sommetdumonde side - if you could even call it a trail! it's treacherous to all but the most capable riders and hikers. i saw two kids with their mountain bikes barely able to walk down the trail with their bikes. that certainly discourages people who might otherwise enjoy riding or hiking there. what a shame!!