Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Complete Streets Legislation Introduced to the US Senate

We are going federal, people! So far complete streets legislation has been local and state supported, but Monday Safe and Complete Streets Act of 2011 was introduced into the US Senate.

Read the article in AltTransport.

This is not a fad...the un-car way of being is for real...and it could raise a city's property values, I'm lookin' at you, Laguna Beach! :)

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  1. Take a walk through Laguna Neighborhoods like the Hip District or the historical neighborhoods in North Laguna and the scene is the same. The neighborhoods are cluttered by on-street parked cars, some of them owned by beach visitors, most of them by residents. Out-of-state visitors would be astonished to learn those multi-million dollar cottages are obscured by cars littering the streets. Imagine the boost to curb-appeal and home equity if those trashy cars were removed.