Monday, May 23, 2011

LA Cyclists Hoping for City Council to Make Streets Safer

Here is an excerpt from the article by Regina Graham:

"Cyclists feel that they are second-class citizens in a city that is well known for its love affair with cars. They think that the city is slow in making the necessary improvements for them to be safe on the road and have a number of issues with riding their two wheels in the city."

“This proposal, this anti-harassment proposal, allows cyclists take action independently of any reliance upon the city,” .... “It creates a private cause of action that allows cyclists that are the victims of discrimination on the road way to pursue the matter civilly, rather than wait for law enforcement to act.”
It targets motorists who physically assault, attempt to assault a bicyclist, intentionally injure, threaten to physically injure either by words, vehicle, or other objects and intentionally distract or attempt to distract a bicyclist."

Other cities are adopting such anti-harassment legislation, how often are you being harassed in Laguna Beach while walking or biking our streets? Tell us your stories, we will post them.

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