Monday, June 20, 2011

Laguna Beach Plans for Bike Safety in North Laguna

The City Council of Laguna Beach approved a bill to apply Sharrow stencils,  a double-chevron bicycle symbol, on the inland side of Pacific Coast Highway in North Laguna. The Stencils signal motorists to share the lane with bicyclists on the road. Sharrows indicate that cyclists have the right of way and enough room to avoid getting “doored” from a parked car and seriously injured. Read the full article in the Laguna Beach Independent here.

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  1. South Laguna is even worse, just today rode from Dana Point through Laguna, and the segment in South Laguna "center" was really bad, parked cars opening doors and very high speed traffic.

    Also, unlike downtown Laguna there also is no alternate route.

    Something should be done ASAP, I still can'd understand why supposedly progressive city of Laguna is the most behind on bike infra.