Saturday, December 8, 2012


The Planning Commission of Laguna Beach want you the public to solve our parking problems because they can't figure out how. Read the short invitation in the Independent article for some background.

Despite four YEARS of subcommittee meetings between city officials and local residents on this topic the PC refuses to abandon a car-centric approach to mobility. Now after 4 years of paid salaries and benefits the PC is asking the public again for help with their homework.

Maybe a suggestion from outside the ‘Bubble’ will help, PEDal of San Clemente offers this:
Fact 1: Laguna’s roadways cannot be widened.
Fact 2: Laguna’s roadways cannot accommodate more cars.
Fact 3: 20th century car-dependency created Laguna’s parking problems.
Fact 4: 19th century velocipedal technology moves more people.
Conclude:   Adopt a multi-modal transport system

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