Thursday, November 29, 2012

Traffic Calming

Laguna Beach observes a 36-foot height limit on downtown structures to preserve 'old-town' charm - street parking, auto clutter and parking meters notwithstanding. The rest of the world observes different rules. Outdoor Cafes, Beyoglu, Turkey. (Google Image)


  1. Any news on local elections? did we get more or less bike/pedestrian friendly? Or just more parking and street widerning and usual car-nage?

  2. How's this? The Independent reports the city will spend another $50k on consulting fees to study where to put $500 of paint for a Glenneyre crosswalk. Meanwhile everyone waits in anticipation the new city council will take a more rational approach to implement traffic calming measures on Laguna streets. Stay tuned in 2013.