Sunday, November 11, 2012

13 Reasons to Ride a Bike to Work

Photo: Flicker Mikel Pierre
The cost of operating a car today is $8946 per year (AAA), a bike $308. Hypothetically speaking what is the savings in car expenses if everyone switched from car driving to bike riding? And what would people do with money they save from spending on cars gasoline and insurance? If 10,821 households in  Laguna Beach swapped one car each they would save $93,470,000 per year. Our local Laguna economy could use a boost, we could spend $93 Million per year on local consumption (imagine all the Andre's Pastries you can eat every year). Remember the TOTAL budget of Laguna Beach is $65 Million. Now read 12 more reasons to ride a bike to work at the Business Insider.

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