Saturday, March 23, 2013

Paak da Ka Only $70,000 Each

Laguna Beach City leaders have the audacity to label a 600 car multi-story parking garage as " THE VILLAGE ENTRANCE".

Laguna Beach Independent Article

Coastline Pilot Article

Maintaining a myopic view of Laguna's mobility problems will lead to expensive ineffective solutions like this one.
During  Community Workshop #3 the city's hired consultants recommended a multi-mode transport plan would be preferred over building parking garages due to cost, space and growth constraints.

Whatever your view on the $42 Million Dollar project, add your comments here or to the on-line articles and attend the council meeting on the subject Tuesday 26 March 2013 5:00pm (check for presentation time). Read the agenda bill for this meeting here.


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  1. Presently there are 380 existing parking spaces, this project will replace those adding 200 more. $42 Million will buy you 580 spaces total for $72,413 each parking space, or it will buy a net 200 spaces for $210,000 each depending how you look at it.