Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Parking Management Community Workshop #3

... back from a very encouraging Workshop #3 for the Parking Management Plan hosted by the Laguna Beach Planning Commission and guest speakers from RBF consulting. Our speakers were very well informed on this topic and patiently responded to questions from the audience through-out the duration of their 2-3/4 hour presentation. The audience were very engaged on this topic and received our guests with a warm welcome. A note of gratitude goes to our Planning Commission members for selecting consultants with experience outside Orange County.

Here are some very brief comments from notes:

Three noteworthy parking strategies of many presented were these
  1. Incentive Priced Parking
  2. Parking Structures
  3. Mixed-Modal Transportation
  • Growth in Laguna's downtown parking demand is 4% on average
  • The sophistication and expense of building parking structures to keep pace with a 4% growth in parking demand is prohibitive (at 4% the parking demand will double every 18 years).
  • A mixed-modal transportation strategy is preferred to more parking structures
  • Voluntary employee parking will free-up more downtown parking
  • Of  RBF clients, 90% adopt and implement recommended plans
  • Implementation success relies on good city leadership to champion idea
  • Special interest groups often squash good ideas
  • The world of parking management outside Laguna Beach is changing profoundly, Laguna can catch-up to change.

A power-point presentation of  Workshop #3 on 20 March 2013 .


  1. The parking management systems are also useful for ensuring security through vehicle and cargo surveillance, vehicle registration, and dynamic parking tariff management.Thanks to share this story.

  2. Really? Dynamic parking tariff management? Vehicle and cargo surveillance? How about a ring-of-steel for Laguna Beach? Do we want to adopt adopt an Orwellian urban plan like 1984? I suggest we can do better, stop running Laguna Beach like a parking lot, give more attention to moving people rather than their cars. Adopt Complete Streets Policy.

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