Saturday, April 26, 2014

CALTRANS Looks for Car-Centric Solutions, Again

When is the last time you saw a roadway school-zone posted for 45mph where motorists drive 50? When is the last time you saw a cross-walk placed across a freeway? Laguna Beach is home to both at LCAD. "We are here to serve" says Caltran's David Richardson. Instead of a traffic calming device Caltrans has served us a yellow chicken-strip, a roadrunner dare for pedestrians.

Caltrans should comply (since 2008) with their own state mandate (Deputy Directive 64) and implement COMPLETE STREET POLICY on Laguna Canyon Road. Once again Caltrans fails to exercise their own directive in favor of institutional car-centric planning at the peril of students and pedestrians. -LS

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  1. "State and federal laws require the Department and local agencies to promote and facilitate increased bicycling and walking. California Vehicle Code (CVC) (Sections 21200-21212), and Streets and Highways Code (Sections 890 – 894.2) identify the rights of bicyclists and pedestrians, and establish legislative intent that people of all ages using all types of mobility devices are able to travel on roads. Bicyclists, pedestrians, and nonmotorized traffic are permitted on all State facilities, unless prohibited (CVC, section 21960). Therefore, the Department and local agencies have the duty to provide for the safety and mobility needs of all who have legal access to the transportation system."