Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gridlocked Motorist Uncovers LCR Secret

In this month's Laguna Beach Life freelance writer Pamela Knudsen describes her epiphany while stuck in traffic on Laguna Canyon Road. While staring out the window of her motionless car at lush canyon walls and exclusive architecture of LCR, a spiritual feeling replaces her preoccupation with gridlock. She rolls slowly past the Canyon Artists building and spots a small sign tucked in the back. "Shelley Evens - Spirit Keeper".

Could this be the home of the Canyon Hobbit?  Pamela writes " If being stuck in traffic allows me to sight-see and discover, I really shouldn't complain."  What other secrets does the Canyon hold that motorists never see?  What would Pamela discover by bike? Read the story in Laguna Beach Life, a Hibu publication.

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