Saturday, May 10, 2014


On May 1 a Dana Point cyclist was killed when he collided with a motorist on PCH. Meanwhile in Laguna this is the view from the same highway at 7:30am. Workers park on the shoulder waiting to gain access to communities at Emerald Bay and Irvine Cove. In a letter to City Council local Laguna resident  Max Isles describes the scene:

This section of PCH is a "no stopping at any time" zone. I have called the LB police many times but nothing is done. I assume the "no stopping" is for safety reasons which would make perfect sense as sections the shoulder are not sufficiently wide to accommodate many vehicles so they protrude into the carriage way. This is a hazard and a danger to motorist but a very real and great danger to cyclists, forcing them out into the fast moving traffic. The vehicles are those of construction workers who are not granted access until 7:30am.

Dana Point accommodates bicyclists with on-road bicycle lanes and a lower vehicle speed limit - improvements made mandatory by state stature. Despite the roadway improvements another cyclist was killed. In Laguna no roadway improvements are made for cyclists and despite the obvious hazard to both motorists and cyclists nothing is done.

In Dana Point the cyclist was struck at 11:15pm on PCH at Blue Lantern. Have motor vehicle accidents become a tolerable cost of driving? The deceased 38 year old leaves behind a wife and young children, are they to grieve in private because nothing will be done? See the previous post Friday May 9 2014 at Laguna Streets.  -LS

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