Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Proposed Sidewalk for Temple Hills Drive

The Laguna Beach Department of Public Works hosted a public workshop to inform residents of the proposed sidewalk extension along Temple Hills Drive from Dunning Drive to Palm Drive. The workshop held Thursday 16 April 5:00pm allowed residents to review drawings of the design and express detailed preferences for the proposed project.  

Here are street-sections of existing conditions at the project site. Four alternatives A-D show the sidewalk extension and address road improvements in the context of Complete Streets Policy. 

Alternatives C-D ensure all mobility modes are represented (walking, cycling, transit, private car) and all roadway users gain access to the public right-of-way (RoW). All views are oriented east-bound (uphill).

Temple Hills speed postings are 10, 25, 30, 35 miles per hour.

The alternatives strive to address all mobility modes to reduce congestion, reduce need for parking and improve safety

  • Preserves 36' existing right-of-way (RoW varies along TH Drive)
  • Improves sight-distance by lowering speed
  • Gains a crosswalk
  • Trades transit stop and parklett in place of parking
  • Combines 4 speed limits into 2, 25mph and 10mph

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